Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Friday we drove up to St. Cloud after work/school - had a sleepover at my cousins & aunts w/the kids, who were all really excited. Wren's birthday is the 17th so we also got her a couple gifts, which she opened right away & all the kids stayed up way past their bedtimes.

Saturday we got up and Steve had made cornmeal & blueberry pancakes which are super yummy, and when those ran out he made more reg blueberry pancakes. Then we went to this huge climbing gym at the YMCA which Athena LOVED - full of soft giant balls, foam shapes, climbing slides with foam shapes for ledges and help: so she was able to climb them, too.. she was ALL GRINS there! Then we took the kids swimming in the pool; Aurora Wren & Tennessee loved that, but Athena wasn't so sure about the pool, even though it was full of foam toys for floating etc: she wanted to be able to touch the bottom & couldn't; she did get pretty happy though when another little kid shared her collection of ducks w/her in the pool. Then we went back to Peggy & Steve's house for lunch and Ten &Aurora played with a sled outdoors while Wren napped; we ended up having so much fun playing at the pool and at their house we didn't head back to the cities until 8:30pm to get home around 10pm. On the drive home I had a nice talk with Sierra, and it was nice to catch up.

Sunday Ath Aur & I got up and had some food and then went for a long walk (2 blocks down the street & 2 blocks back up it) to sell Girl Scout cookies. Yes, Aurora is in the 'brownies' now, so she's got connections to get you your fav. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES if ya want! Post a message of what kind & we'll place the order, they'll be in Feb. 20th & they are $3.50/box. Pay on delivery. They're the classics: thin mints, coconut carmel, lemon, peanut butter sandwiches, also peanut butter dipped in chocolate, the shortbread ones, plus they have new ones which are shortbread dipped in chocolate and w/Thank you stamped in the pattern in 5 languages, and some kinda low-fat oatmeal one they call a 'cartwheel' ; I haven't tried that one. But really, if you want cookies, we would be happy to order for you. Aurora can go to a camp if she sells 100 boxes, which is cool. She's sold over 50 boxes, which is awesome, but mainly she's just having fun, so ... just offering for those of you who like the cookies. YUM!

We got home pretty refreshed but tired & had a nice lunch & then all took naps.

Then Lily & Julian came over and I took all the kids outside sledding in the backyard which was tons of fun. Then we grilled burgers and had a nice dinner & the kids watched a movie together, and I uploaded and emailed some of the photos from the weekend off to family.

Tomorrow I took PTO; it's MLK Jr. Day so Aurora's home from school, and it's the first anniversary of the avalanche that killed my little brother Pete, so I'm planning to have a calm day with the kids, I'm hoping. My ideal would be to get to the playground, and do some artstuffs, play a board or card game maybe in the evening w/the kids, and generally get out of the house and play outside again for a good portion of the day. It was really nice to be so active & outdoors all weekend!

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