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my weekend


I, Aurora & Athena worked at the gameshop most of the day; Ang needed to run to the postoffice, then called to see if he could pick up something else while out & then he got back & was discussing going to the prerelease, which I encouraged since Athena had decided by then to take a nap & he had just decided not to when a reg. customer walked in & since they were going to end up playing magic anyway, it was decided that they would go check out the prerelease & play there.. Ang collected enough booster packs to hold a booster draft with the newest set, as well. So.. Aurora & I played 'Star Wars' monopoly, but we've both decided we like the 'Lord of the Rings' monopoly much better, for many reasons. But we played that & had a few customers, until Athena woke up, then it got tricky, as she decided unshelving the shelves was a good way to get attention. I ended up bribing the kids with Twix bars & PeanutButter cups, applejuice & rootbeer until Ang got back -- It _was_ really fun to run the shop; until Athena got bored of it. Aurora was good the whole time & reviewed all her site words, read her school scholastic news, her teacher's newsletter & practiced a good amount of math while playing monopoly (dice-counting is just like the way they do math at school: dots on two squares, but they draw them like dominos at the school) & also adding up money, which practices place-value, additions, subtractions and reading to find out if it is money you are paid, or have to pay out. It was a good day. We came home pretty darn tired & I can't even remember what I made for dinner. I was hoping to watch more of the 2nd season of LOST; but Ang decided to go out, so I went to bed, quite exhausted, at 10ish.

Aurora & I wrote messages on the Valentines cards we had made during the week, and we played "Eco-Fluxx" which was very fun, while Athena watched a baby einstein movie called "Wordsworth" where she learns/watches words, listens to words, sees words signed & various film footage related to the words: it's pretty cool, and mainly: she really seems to love it. That 'baby einstein' company sure tests it's products on the age group well!! It's Athena's favorite stuff to watch & listen to, by far it seems. Although she does like other shows as well(Seasame Street, Strawberry Shortcake) - anyhow; and then we played awhile, and then Athena had her nap time & Aurora & I went out & walked up & down the two blocks North of us to sell girlscout cookies & sold 15 boxes, and she wanted to stop by Lucas & Carson's house again, even though they weren't home when we started out & they were getting ready to go sledding & invited us to go; so we went home, woke up Athena & all went sledding! That was really fun; and they even had snow jumps built up at this park we went to: and Aurora went off one backwards (by mistake!) and caught quite a bit of air! She was scared for a min. after that but I reassured her & then she went back to sledding with full gusto! Then, we came home & had hot chocolate w/the boys after sledding & they played Mario Cart; and they had to go home for dinner so we also had dinner & made Oatmeal Coconut cookies and those were yummy. The kids each wanted a second one (Aurora got 2 1/2 & Athena got 1 1/2 cookies) - now they're off to sleep & I think I'll watch some more of 2nd season of LOST (I want to finish it before it's on the TV again, which I think it this week).

So that was the core of my weekend, how about you?

Peace & Love,

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