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Fun at the Bookstore...

I took the kids to the bookstore tonight, since I had a gift certificate. I let Athena run around for the first time (instead of riding just in the stroller) and she just LOVED it. Was running down the isles giggling at first, then I carried her over to the kids section, where she promptly pulled a book off the shelf & started looking through it. I had to follow her of course, and put the books back after she looked at them: I read her a few of them, and Aurora read her a few of them, too. I finally settled on getting her "Pajamas" by Boyton which has a rhythmic rap-like sound to it & to which Athena got up & started dancing(!!) while I read the book, each time! It was so cute, how could I not bring that home??

Aurora had brought almost $4 of her own money from her piggy bank, to which she had a +very+ hard time picking just one book, and selecting one under $4... but she eventually settled on a nice long Strawberry Shortcake book about having a sleep-over party, that came with jewel stickers (and which had a good story line, too: I read her a number of books, which she liked the look of, but which the story line was too dull (Barbie, My little pony... dif stuff like that) _ anyhow! She & Athena both got a new book & had a ton of fun, as did I.

I also got myself a book on herbal plant identification (a version of "Culpepper's Color Herbal"), that was all drawings, so the key-elements of the plants are really visible (unlike in many photos); and they were colored (unlike many traditional plant drawings) which will make identification much easier: it also comes with a breakdown of the uses, parts, medicine applications, poisonous plants/parts, and history of it's use: all with 4 plants per spread! I was thrilled to see this $18 book on the bargain shelf at $5. *grin* I love overstocked books. Yay!

...and I got another kids book, hardback that was 20% off plus the 10% membership discount, which is a cute story; The kiss that missed. Aurora giggled quite a bit in that book as well, so I'm looking foward to reading it again, and reading it to Athena (who had fallen asleep in her carriage/stroller by the time we came across that book).

Well, off to watch another episode of LOST before bedtime. I have to work tomorrow! *grin*

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