Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Remembered a bit of last night's dreaming when I awoke...

I was sitting in a tree with someone, and a Mynah bird came up to them..very close to us, it hopped right down the branch and came up to their extended hand like a curious cat would... and then another, the mate, landed on a nearby branch & was a completely different color, and sat there, tilting it's head and watching us curiously...playfully hopping about & bobbing its head, but not coming down unless food was going to be involved, and then, only maybe. They were gorgeously colored, and I think the male one was a bright orange and yellow and black, and the female was gorgeous shades of blue & white. I think the Mynah birds are famous for their songs but I could be wrong.. they also have distinctive long beaks & are very unusual to see around here.

I can't remember why we had climbed up this tall tree & were sitting on a giant limb, but it was something about a science experiment or study going on below & we were observing it. So we had settled in for a long observation run & the birds were welcome visitors, as there was nothing specific that had to be done at the moment.

I remember the weather was particularly nice: warm & breezy but not too hot, and the leaves were a wonderful green, and the wind smelled lovely: Like a warm spring day. Overall I had a positive feeling of productivity, but relaxed productivity in the dream. > Maybe I should've been a biologist, if I like hanging outdoors studying stuff so much... although now that I've awoken & looked up Mynah (Mina, Minah) birds, I haven't found any images of the one in my dream with three shades of blue: although I did find the orange & black colors in what looks to be called the "Golden Mynah (Mino anais)" which I linked to a picture of, above, & there are gorgeous white Mynahs... and, then.. I also can't find reference to female/male shading in these birds quickly, but so is the realm of dreams: some reality, some... thing inbetween & often a bit of the impossible, so I won't fret about the inaccuracy of the colors, as they were still quite gorgeous, and perhaps being literal is a distraction from the more symbolic state of mind that encompasses a dream-state.

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