Alli (neugotik) wrote,

stop signs

So, I'm driving Aurora to school this morning, and at a 4-way stop we almost always go through, I'm stopped & there's no-one there at the intersection: there's a car coming a little ways down the street, but it's not even to the intersection yet. I have the right to go. I start to edge forward to go, but then I don't.

I stop because the car happens to be the right distance off to hit me if I cross the intersection & they fail to stop.

...when this happens & it seems based on their speed that they'll get to the intersection right when I'm about in the middle of it (if they had no stop sign)... then I don't go - partially because I've been hit by a car Large SUV running a red light, in just this manner: it enforces distrust in other drivers & a general sense of "defensive driving".

Then the car blew right through the stop sign at 25-30 mph. Didn't even slow.

I honked at them and the lady looks over mid-intersection and gapes at me, her mouth falling open & her hand flying up.

Well, at least I think she knows she screwed up now: based on her expression she was (mid-intersection) suddenly aware of the stop-sign.

*sigh* Well, another collision avoided. Yay. Stop signs mean stop, blinkers are to tell people you're changing lanes or turning, and the world is full of bad &/or distracted drivers. Please drive safe and watch out for yourself & yours in the car with you.

Peace & Love.

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