Alli (neugotik) wrote,

night walk, games. tea.

Aurora & Athena & I walked over to the shop tonight, which was really nice: it was just pleasant weather out: above freezing, stars clearly visible the sky over, and a crescent moon both the kids noticed, and to which Aurora made up analogies & stories about it on the walk. It was nice that it was warm enough that we could get out in the evening air for a walk, enjoy the stars, and not get cold.

Then we came back & played around the house a bit: Athena wanted to play with musical instruments & Aurora played with 'My Little Ponies' and then we got Athena to bed & Aurora & I layed some card games: "Moose in the House" 2 times, and then she acquiesced to play "Eco-Fluxx" with me, and she enjoyed it so much we played 5 games of it, which she won 2 of them; then we cleaned her room & read her bedtime story.. then angelo came home from the game shop and taught me how to play Corsari, which is a pirate-themed game with the goal to eliminate or group high-point cards, either on your ship, or in the tavern (where they don't count)... and it's played in rounds.. so after about 6 rounds the game is usually over (when the looser hits 100 points): there's an advantage to setting sail first, in that you control the color of the tavern (or you can choose to draw & discard it to change it and then sail) - but your opponent can potentially discard a couple of cards onto your ship.. I won't go into details, but it's fun and would probably be great fun with more people! The complications and discard/draw phases would get more interesting. The luck factor is a bit heavy with only 2 people drawing & discarding... long color runs or matching/non-matching numbers can be a factor so the luck seemed strong, but not overbearing, and I would recommend it as a fun game for light gaming.

Not much else: had some Tension Tamer Tea which I love the taste of, and.. it's relaxing. I think it's the elethero root that makes it so effective.

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