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What I am supposed to be?

I guess this is what I am supposed to be, based on what people (work, kid's school, family, friends, acquaintances)have told/indicated/related to me:

1) Be on time
2) Be thin
3) Be quieter (but not completely quiet)
4) Be cheerful
5) Be a money-earner
6) Be nice

I guess if I was all of those things, I would be successful. I guess it has some understandable societal causes. I'm not so bad at #4 & #5, although at times I'd rather be at home raising the kids; and I hope I'm #6, although I'm sure I fail some people on that point, especially if they get me when I'm multi-tasking too many things, or sleep-deprived for too long. In general I'd rather be known for creative solutions and creations, societal contributions, and a positive impact on my community & for my family, but.. I guess those things can get overlooked sometimes, and as long as I'm failing at any of the more surface needs of those around me, I'll always hear about it.

So, I guess if I never want to hear another complaint, I should

Thin women make more money.

Quiet is for conflict resolution, for everyone?
stay quiet, more generic advice for 'why'

talk less, do more

and last, but not least, be on time: She places the chronically late into seven categories:

The rationalizer has a hard time acknowledging responsibility for lateness and tends to blame outside circumstances.
The producer wants to squeeze as much into every minute as possible; they are always busy.
The deadliner subconsciously enjoys the last-minute sprint to the finish line; they feel more alive when running out of time.
The indulger exercises less self-control; tends to procrastinate.
The rebel resists authority and everyday rules; might run late as a form of control.
The absent-minded professor is easily distracted, forgetful and caught up in their own introspection.
The evader feels anxiety about his or her environment and tries to control it; their own needs or routine come before being on time.
Hmm; I might be all 7 of those reasons. *sigh*

The good news is that finding all these links & hyper-analyzing my cynical feeling about some of these major social expectations has helped me feel a little better.

I think I'll go play some "Final Fantasy, Crystal Chronicles" with Aurora before her & Athena's bedtime.

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