Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Shut it down nightly - I can do that.

TODAY'S ACTION for February 10, 2006 - Turn off your computer at night

For today's daily action, we ask you to turn off your computer at night and when you are not using it for several hours.

WHY? Many people have a notion that frequent turning on and off of computers will wear out the hardware, but this is a myth. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, modern hard disks are not affected by frequent start-ups and shut-downs. Plus, you will help the environment by saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Every computer that is left on for 24 hours adds 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year, contributing to climate change, according to the Tufts University Climate Initiative.

Just by shutting your computer down for eight hours at night, you can save 1.4 pounds of CO2 - over the course of a year, turning off your computer every night will save over 500 pounds of CO2! So for today's daily action, turn off your computer tonight!
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