Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Parking lot encounter... ends with compliments.

So I passed the lead financial accountant who manages our Rackspace finances & he yells at me from a few cars over... and it's windy & there's blowing snow & it's..really cold.

      "what?" I yell back... then he repeats: "quite a bit of Rackspace traffic in emails today!"

And I could make this out, as I walked over to him & I said "oh, yes we had some content monitors go off & they weren't specific about the part of the cycle that caused the alert.. and the account manager at Rackspace was sick, so we didn't have our monthly meeting on Thursday, but nobody called or emailed to tell us it would be cancelled..." & he said "I read those emails & I was thinking 'You Go Girl' you handled it very well!"

It was nice to get some more kudos from yet another manager, and outside of our department, too... but I was also late for leaving work _again!_ I have at least a structured list of causes in my mind thanks to some of those articles I read this week. Perhaps knowing and cornering the root cause of my lateness will help curb it. I would Love to get home on time: why the hell am I overworking? Heh. Well, part & is at least nice to get acknowledgement for some of my work.

Now: Off to watch the DVD "Robots" with the kids! *grin*

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