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I have done so much cleaning this weekend! I did the floors last night & again today (vaccuming, not mopping) and washed & loaded the dishwasher, ran it, unloaded it, reloaded it w/more - running it again. I cleaned out the art-room which was overloaded with too much paperwork that migrated there like bunnies to a clover patch, and now it's looking clear nearly across the whole floor, and the kids shelf of supplies is reorganized (mine to do next!) and now is the time: as Athena's taking her afternoon nap. Add to that the 5year old's birthday 'brunch' yesterday morning, de-icing the driveway, making lunch & dinner yesteray (and walking a meal over to the game shop w/the girls and then we went to the DVD store (MVP membership so we can get 2/day - it's basically like Netflix but at Hollywood instead) - and walked around "EQ Life" (the new store by Best Buy for 'health & wellness' : same business sector as my company, but retail instead of internet)-- and hm. bf & lunch today, and Aurora's expecting novamx3's 2 kids to come over today & have a playdate this afternoon. And, Aurora & I prepped a 'Chia Head' & seads to soak (24 hours) yesterday: so that'll be ready for the next stage,, just about when the Artroom Cleaning/Athena's nap are done, I expect. Called my good old friend Sierra last night & he and I chatted for an hour about stuff, his band's been getting gigs in Portland & he's busy working and all that, says he'll copy some of his vinyl punk music I love on Cds for me: Yay!

Ok : off to clean & sort artstuff while I can! *grin*

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