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The Spiel des Jahres

Spiel des Jahres
"The Spiel des Jahres (German for Game of the Year) is arguably the most
prestigious board game award for German-style board games.
The award was created in the late 1970s to reward excellence in game design, and
to promote top-quality games in the German market. It is thought that the
existence and popularity of the award is one of the major drivers of the quality
of games coming out of Germany.
The award is given by a jury, which reviews games released in Germany in the
preceding twelve months."

Previous Winners
Here is the list of games that have won this award:

2003 Alhambra
2002 Villa Paletti
2001 Carcassonne
2000 Torres
1999 Tikal
1998 Elfenland
1997 Mississippi Queen
1996 El Grande
1995 The Settlers of Catan
1994 Manhattan
1993 Call My Bluff
1992 Um Reifenbreite
1991 Drunter und Druber
1990 Adel Verpflichtet
1989 Cafe International
1988 Barbarossa
1987 Auf Achse
1986 Heimlich and Co
1985 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
1984 Dampfross
1983 Scotland Yard
1982 Enchanted Forest
1981 Focus
1980 Rummikub
1979 Hare and Tortoise

2004 game nominees:

spiel-des-jahres 2004

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