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mutterings, ramblings, "Millennium hand and shrimp..." since I feel I should write something.

Busy; lots of software to install on the servers & reports to write, so I have to get back to that, just taking a breather.

Had to de-ice the windows with the ice-scraper this morning (freezing rain had coated all the windows with a preety sheen of ripply ice, which was of course, impossible to drive with... and hard as rock-candy). I am sooo ready for Spring. Where I grew up, the first trees would all be flowering soon, and the crocus & daffidols would already be blooming. We, however, have 2.5 months of snow & ice left to look forward to, it seems. La.

Tried some Hogue Chardonnay from 2003, which was very smooth. I'm not generally a white-wine drinker, but it was nice: not sour or sweet or bitter - smooth & full-bodied taste with a wondeful initial, in-mouth & after taste; none of which had the sour, or sickly-sweet overtones I've come to dislike in some white wines. It's a Washington State winery, actually.. so more nostalgia for the Northwest.

Today I came across the website of a crew of 3 illustrators whom I've quickly fallen for their artwork: Leaking Faucet Studio ... Maybe I'll cross post some of their art here later when I have a moment to think about it (probably). But if you're interested I dropped a link above.

So I don't have any lunch today, but there is the requisite Valentine's chocolate stashes around the office today. Nearest my desk is a printer with a bowl full of Hershey chocolate hearts, crunch style. I like crunchy chocolate, sometimes. I like dark chocolates generally more. But these have little sayings inside, the one I just had says, um Q:"What day is named after Frigg, the Norse goddess of love?" A: "Friday" Hm; I'd forgotten that.

I was planning to workout over the lunch 'hour' as I don't have any lunch food; now I better, it'll just be a break-even after those 4 chocolate hearts. Damn the writing in the wrappers, I wanted to read more of them. Heh heh; they were pretty lousy. Q:"How many out of every 5 American 5th graders admits to being in love?" A: two

Well, in the venue of topic, I measured myself a couple days ago & I've lost 25.5 inches since last August - good progress. I still have a goal of being tiny, which is well, a goal I guess. I'd actually like to be more agile and quicker, and I think being more slight would help with that, as well. So I'm not ready to discuss what remains of my goal. *sigh* but maybe I'll post it to pirate_athletes later.

Back to the grind, I've only solved 4 problems today, involving 6 different people, and a presentation that went to upper United executives and apparently the web stats caused a dead silence followed by of, as Mike put it the response of "you have this many assets?!" and the looks of "you have less then 20 people & you're doing this much??" and, we really only have 9 people on our project actually, 2 in technology (me (insert long title here..blah blah analyst in applications development or something like that) & davedash as our lead internal programmer, also a content manager, an operations manager, a marketplace manager, an ops admin., our walking/fitness expert, marketing director & sr. director) so.. yeah, me & davedash are really busy!

And a collection of oursourced contracted programmers, too.. credit's due to both thunder_monkey, mplscorwin who both built out the roots of our applications which davedash is now extending, supporting & rebuilding, etc.. and borcherm, yeah.... it's a pretty big project.

Actually, we're hiring more contract programmers, so if any of you are looking to pick up more work in Perl/PHP/mySQl environment you should comment & I'll see if the contract roles have been all filled or not.

yeah, so I can get much more done before the afternoon is gone. La. Back to the grind.

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