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So, weekend - ah yes: I remember the weekend. That was before all the crazy busy work that was all due at once. *smile*

Lessee, weekend highlights included going to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with the kids; Aurora called & invited a few different schoolmates, but they were all busy - already had house guests, weren't at home (left messages), gone skiing(!) and other things - but we went, and in fact, Raj & Kelly and their kids wanted to go! I had told them about it the day before & they called back just before I called to tell them that we were heading over to the museum. That was nice. As we got ready, angelo decided to go, too. so the whole family crew went.

When we got there, we were waiting for Raj & family by the entrance - and who walks in the museum but my cousin Peggy, her husband Steve, and their kids! They live in St. Cloud, so that was a nice surprise! angelo actually saw Peggy first - I don't know why, but I was looking down lost in thought and looked up when Ang said "hey, how's it going?" expecting to see Raj Kelly & their kids - and it was Peggy! Heh.. the only difficulty after that was that Aurora wanted to hang out with _everyone_. *smile*

We went to the art-room first & made a shield & made a template for a cardboard helmet, but the line to use the scissors was so long, we decided to wait on the helmet & while deciding this Aurora also made a cardboard sword. Soon the sword was glitter-coated, the shield was up on the wall drying & we were off to try on real armor: that was exciting for the kids - and they made me try on a number of different helmets that were "too heavy!" for them but that they wanted to see on a person- one (closed helmet) actually made Aurora quite scared of me.. that was interesting.

We cruised up to the third floor to see the exhibit on load from the NY Met while listening to live music from an string ensemble... & play the "find & identify all the helmets" game, for which the kids got armor sticker books & sword erasers for completing. Then we went down to the 2nd floor to try to watch a fighting demo: but it was just way too crowded. The kids peaked in but it was a slow start with lots of explinations of weapons & armor parts which made the kids really willing to just skip it.

That was Sunday - ... Saturday we stayed at home, Aurora was sick & I & Athena were both tired and napped: I helped Aurora clean out her fishs' water & get the gravel out & cleaned, and all the tank plants out & washed, and the old (nitrate-filled) water drained & replaced with fresh spring water... the fish were happy. Then, we were going to get groceries, but by the time we finally got up the energy to go and were putting on the warm layers of clothes, Ang called to tell us the steering was not working on the van & it was in fact, undrivable. So- the few layers we had quickly dropped off & we lazily played Crystal Cronicles and gave in to a full winter's day, stuck inside, lazing around .. .which was rather nice. It did however make me way too anxious on Sunday morning when I woke up & realized how much I had to get done (groceries, the museum et all...). But now looking back, I realize I just panicked, and we did it with plenty of time left to even watch more Olympics Sunday night before an early bedtime.

Ah, weekends are nice. We should have them more often.

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