Alli (neugotik) wrote,

I admit it: I love Figure Skating.

I've always loved watching figure skating - even when I was a kid, and I still do. They are such amazing athletes: they can do things with their bodies while moving -fast- on ice-skates that most people can't even do standing still on solid ground! Not to mention, those ice-skates seem heavy - lifting them along with your leg, arms, etc... and spinning or jumping simultaneously- it's pretty amazing.

Plus: Their sport is intense! Do you see how many times they fall & they can still win? Because it's the difficulty rating - and it's better to try for those difficult jumps & make most of them then not try.

They can jump so high! And they obviously fall a lot - but keep going.

I don't know many people that can jump that high - and I suppose a lot of it is the velocity but it's also their training & size & weight: they are tiny: both slight and short - it helps with this sport.

They fly like ballerinas, and have the strength and flexibility too - but with an intensified speed from the ice skates.
The spin & do jumps like snowboarders & skiers - but while looking relaxed, maintaining poise, and following with body-stretching contortions spinning at high velocity - so they look like a flower or bird in flight - definitely beyond the normal human bounds.

They are so tough, strong, flexible & fast - it's really quite an amazing sport. .. Last night's figure skating Olympic Event
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