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Chewy?? I'm Chewy? Yarrr. Oa rrr

First, A Silly Meme:

Hmm.. This one surprised me a bit, I had a whole mix of answers that went from Jedi to Ewok to R2D2 & Princess stuff - so this is kinda a twist.... but, I can relate. *grin* So here I post it, perhaps you also will enjoy this twisty Star Wars meme.

Take the quiz:
What Star Wars Character Are You?


Your loyalty is unmatched.
You take your responsibility very seriously,
but can easiliy lose your temper

So, in other News, on a more personal & real* level:

Aurora & I went to her school 'SnoFest' tonight; which has a beach theme & is a good winter pick-me-up for the kids.

Every classroom hosts a different carnival game, and the cafeteria has smoothies & pizza & treats & the Gym has Extra Giant blow-up bouncing castles & Huge Blowup obstacle courses (big enough for many 5th graders to all go at once-or even adults- it's pretty cool) - and you get tickets or use quarters to go through games or whatever -

Aurora also went to the art room where they were coloring the kids hair with bright color hair-sprays & glitter - "mohawks" or braids or pigtails options, etc.. lots of boys & girls were coming out
with spiky or twisted hair;
it was cute.

The normal Music classroom was converted into a night dance room - lights out, LEDs & glow bracelets _ and hoola hoops galore - it was some kind of hoola hoop in dance club lighting to music thing; heh.

And they had Bingo & Blackjack options in the Library & more stuff I didn't get around to seeing much, somekinda beach bookstore & stuff. So.. it was a good time.

Aurora turned down food & grab bags & chose to play:

  • Hawaii Hockey, where she made a goal & won a giant blow-up hockey stick (she picked one with flames all over it in black yellow & red) - Then all the kids in the hall who had these were wacking their friends (and strangers) with them & everyone would laugh - it's amazing how kids don't take stuff personally - it's all just for fun.
  • Dart board balloons - where she popped a balloon with a dart & won a Bounce Back Paddle Ball where the ball lights up when it hits something, and again, the paddle was covered with red yellow & black flames.
  • She also got in on some cake walk games (Lilo & Stitch soundtrack) where she won a wooden snake & a stuffed fish for her little sis. (She picked it out especially for her sister, so she would have something to bring home for her: that was very sweet of her to think of her sister at home).
  • Junk Food walk; which was another cake walk, but with just tons of junk food as prizes.. she got an airhead candy.
  • The giant air bouncy affects in the Gym: she totally would have gone on that more & more, but it cost as much in ticket punches as 3 games. So she held out for games.
  • Lolipop tree, where you get a prize or a lollipop - she got the candy, but the person running it is a mom of one of her girlscout troop friends, so she slipped Aurora another lollipop. Aurora gave it to me: she doesn't understand that stuff. She just said 'thanks' and did a hand off. (shrug) I guess she'll learn to say 'no thanks' if she doesn't want something.
  • a coconut game where she won a disco ball necklace - she had a pretty lavendar color I liked, but a friend in another class had a gold one Aurora liked better & they decided to trade (her friend Emma liked the purple one more so it worked out well for those 2) -

    And she played with many many friends: Daniel, Georgie, Jack, Himanshu, Sarah K, Sarah G., Emma, Reshma, Matthew, Sam, Helena, Emily, Carly, Robert, Reet, Ajay ... and she got a playdate set up with Reshma tomorrow morning, which she's been trying to do for a long time, so that's cool.

    So, the kids are sleepin' & Ang went out again after getting home from a late event at the gameshop - I wonder if the Olympics are still on, or if a Gardening program is on HGTV? I think I'll go look. G'night!

    It was fun; we had a really good time & ended up staying from 5:30 until nearly 8pm!
    *Real as in : what I'm living, doin' on Friday nights, Journaling about my life & family, not just associative characters who might be how I am portrayed in future/past movies about this reality, real time, & really worth taking the time to journal about: for me & for the kids. *smile*
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