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American Cities That Best Fit You:
55% San Diego
55% San Francisco
55% Seattle
50% Austin
50% Honolulu

You are Wallace Stevens
You are Wallace Stevens. You love everything,
especially the sound of things. Too bad you
are so obscure that at times even you don't
understand what the hell you have written.
Which Famous Modern American Poet Are You?
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What are you like, when in love? by UhhhWhatever
Your name/nickname...
When in love, you are...Judgemental
Your love is...Fickle
Your kisses are...Seductive
Your hugs are...Strong
People love you because...You're talented
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What are you like, when in love? by UhhhWhatever
Your name/nickname...
When in love, you are...Nervous
Your love is...Everlasting
Your kisses are...Sexy
Your hugs are...Gentle
People love you because...You're loyal
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I think if you count both these, they're prob. right; which is weird, since this is one of those randomizer memes - so er, yeah - but it is kinda right (not that I'm proud of that - fickle & everlasting love? judgemental & nervous? Ug. At least it says my kisses are sexy & seductive. I'll just hope that's true ; and I like the idea of a gentle & strong hug - that's how my little brother hugged, and how my big brother hugs : it is a good thing. And I love the idea of being considered Loyal - and I can only hope I am truly talented in some way.

Peace & Love,

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