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So, Sunday we had a really weird day; you probably read about it in angelo's journal - we were all on our way over to BestBuy to get the new Harry Potter & Howl's Castle DVDs.. but they aren't actually out until Tuesday we found out later, but that was quite weird, like walking into a movie or something, that was, the whole thing, stuff strewn about the counter area... It pretty much took over what was left of Sunday, and I & the kids tried to be supportive & eventually ended up back at home after running a few things back & forth to the shop for Ang - Aurora & Athena & I spent the afternoon unwinding over some crayons & a stack of papers at the dining room table, made dinner, took baths & tried to decompress.

Saturday was a super busy day all day:
We had our usual leasurly breakfast & playtime in the morning, and then went to Wood Lake Nature Center for Sam's birthday party.

Both the kids had a splendid time at Woodlake- Aurora at the birthday party & Athena playing in the kids' area at the Park Building from 12:30-2:30, which was filled with Ikea-delights for children to play with (stuffed bugs & birds, little tables, blocks of wood, a huge wall covered with a felt-board & magnetized creatures,etc) & the bigger kids were outdoors on a treasure-hunt themed birthday party looking for wilderness puzzle pieces with a woodland-guide. .. Athena and I played indoors, and she was thrilled, visiting the party occassionally & then she got sleepy, so we went for a walk in the woods and Athena took her nap - just as the party was wrapping up. Luckily she was bundled up in her car-seat/stroller her daddy so wisely picked out for her, so we were able to get going without waking her..

We went directly over to the Walker Museum from 2:30pm-4:30pm, for "family fun day" where the theme was Women who make Films - and Athena napped the entire time while Aurora & I tooled around looking at art (Aurora declared the focus sculptor, Kiki Smith's, image of a deer giving birth to a woman was "gross" and I had to agree), made our own "animated" flip books, spinners, and 6-panel story-boards at different "art stations" around the museum, and then revisited the Conservatory out in the sculpture garden, which Aurora has become quite fond of visiting.

The kids were pretty tired, even Athena with all her napping - and I can't remember what we did with the rest of Saturday; dinner, playtime, stuff like that. Sunday morning Aurora made snowmen with the dusting of snow she managed to make a snowman for each of us! Aurora & Mom, she declared were in the "kitchen" and Daddy & Athena were playing in the "living room" of our front yard. It was nice to see her get outside & play on her own and feel a good sense of accomplishement out of it.

The kids had a good weekend, although it ended on a stressful note; it will hopefully all settle without complications. Athena didn't want to let me & Aurora out the door this morning, I guess it is nice to have us all to herself for 2 days a week. *smile* - Lunch is over, back to work I go.

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