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Cultural Symbols -

I've been studying Cultural Symbols related to our ancestory & in the world, as it's Aurora's theme of the month, and she has a "parent assignment" on our personal ancestory due tomorrow; so I was excited about that: I LOVE symbols. Heh heh.

Some neat ones I found:

Nice Claddagh image

Found this labyrinths in Italy, Great Britain, Finland, and many other places these two from Finland (left) & Italy on a Vase and on Italian Petroglyphs (middle) & on Petroglyphs in North America(right)

Brigid, pre-Christian celtic/Ireland & Celtic tree of life

The Mosaic image on the left is an amazing room of mosaics in Galla Placidia & the one on the right is indicated to be 2,000 years old? Click it to go to its 'source' = hm.

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